Up, Up, and Away

Another day in the history books for the Georgia’s Women’s Tennis Team. Thursday, April 6, 2017 we took our first private chartered plane flight as a team to Fayetteville, Arkansas. However, it was not the ideal beautiful day in Athens to be flying on a smaller-than-normal plane. For most, planes don’t generate much fear. But for many, they do. My head coach (seen standing third from the left, with myself fourth from the left) is one of those that does not particularly care for the turbulence during flights. With high wind speeds and a plethora of clouds to rise above, yesterday was quite the bumpy ride.


I was thoroughly entertained with my head coach sitting directly behind me as I would turn around to see him gripping the arm rest with an expression of concern on his face. Yet, it made me think more about this fear of flying or fear of turbulence during flights. Why do we have this fear when close to 100,000 flights take place each day around the world and the number of “successful flights” far surpasses the troubles or failures? My answer to this question: the media.

Unfortunately, the media is full of negative news. Why does the media concentrate on the bad things in life, rather than the good? It is not that these are the only things happening in the world. Just food for thought. I do not exactly have the answer for this, but I’d like to hear it if someone knows. I want to see more positivity in the news, in the world, in all of our lives. A good attitude is infectious. And as I always like to remind others, attitude will take you where skill and knowledge can’t take you.

Back to the positive news. It was a successful trip to Fayetteville as we took down a tough Arkansas team 4-0 Friday night. We jumped back on the plane this morning at 9:30am and were at the tennis complex in Missouri practicing by 11am. Pretty amazing how efficient and easy the private plane life is! We will take on the Missouri Tigers tomorrow, Sunday, afternoon at 1pm CT to conclude our last SEC road matches for the year. 3 regular season SEC matches left! We are ready to make the most of each! And as always, Go Dawgs!


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