Tech Week


What does it mean for any athletic team at the University of Georgia when Tech is coming to town? It means it is time to show the yellow jackets, once again, who runs this state. For our team, this is always a huge match at the beginning of every outdoor season. Georgia Tech has always been good, but we have historically been better. They are currently ranked #13 in the country, and we are ranked #3. As it is this year, we are normally the favorite in this match-up, however we know that this team will always bring their very best against us because of the nature of the rivalry.

So, what does this week look like for us? Focus. Discipline. Preparation. We know we have more talent all the way down the line, and we know we will win this match if we do things the right way. But what does doing things the right way mean? It means that we are focused this whole week with all things including treatment, practice, weights, and running. We get to work when we need to and focus on the quality of what we are doing. It also means discipline. It means being responsible in getting to the training room early in order to get all the work done we need before practice. It means eating the right way throughout the week and hydrating way before hand. Finally, it all means preparation. Preparing our bodies, our minds, and our games for this in-state rivalry match come Friday afternoon at 3pm.


When the match begins, we will come out rocking and rolling. But, we know that this will be a battle. We know that the yellow jackets won’t just back down after our first punch. We will keep our level of energy and performance high throughout the duration of the match, and we will rise even higher every time they push their games up to meet ours. We will continue to throw punches until the dawg fight has been won. This is how we play, this is why we are so tough.

This week is an exciting week, it’s Tech Week. Go Dawgs- we run this state.


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