“Snowed In”doors

A trip to New Haven, Connecticut over the past week found a bunch of southern girls accustomed to the Georgia weather in a snow storm. I traveled with my team to the Intercollegiate Tennis Association National Indoor Tournament held at Yale University. We were snowed in, to the indoor courts that is. However, it called for some interesting drives to and from the tennis facility and the hotel. The snow storm might have been cold and windy, but it provided a beautiful scenery for some great videos pictures to share with our fans keeping up on social media.

We drew a tough draw, running into Duke (ranked #10 in the country) first round. We had a bit of a slow start and lost the doubles point, going down 0-1. However, we proceeded to win 4 straight singles matches to clinch a 4-1 victory and move on to the Quarterfinal round. The next day, we had the challenge of facing Pepperdine University, ranked #3 and three spots ahead of us. We once again had a bumpy doubles start and started the match down 0-1. However, 4 more singles victory put us at a 4-1 win and a spot in the Semifinals against the #1 ranked Florida Gators.

The gators proved to be a little too tough for us on Sunday as we fell 4-0 after losing a tough fought doubles point and three singles matches. We had three singles matches remaining on court (when the match was clinched) that could have been Georgia points, but even a 4-3 loss would not have been enough to advance to the Finals of the National Indoor Championship.

Our team went up to New Haven, Connecticut to prove that we are one of the best teams in the country. We did that, and we also proved that we have our best ahead of us. We will continue to work hard and prepare to start our outdoor season next week. This journey will take us all the way to the end of May with the biggest stage in collegiate tennis, outdoor National Championships being held in Athens, Georgia.


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