Super Bowl Comeback

Tom BradyThis Super Bowl Sunday, the New England Patriots made one of the greatest comebacks, if not the greatest, of all time. Games like those are exactly the reason I love sports. No one has lost the game, no matter the score, until the clock runs out.

Many people watch the Super Bowl for the much anticipated commercials. They then turn to social media for posting their thoughts and sharing their praises or critiques. I, however, watch the game for the love of football and the love of competition in general. You put the best of the best on the biggest stage in professional football, and they battle it out. That is when you see athletes’ true character show. That is when, against all odds, you see the most unbelievable comebacks in the game.

I am choosing to write a little less today than I normally would first because I am traveling with my team to competition and second because I want to make my point very clear. You are never out of the game (sports, dating, work) until time runs out. Keep working at it, show persistence and determination, and a will to do whatever it takes to be successful. These qualities can take any person or athlete very far in life’s game.


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