A Successful Start

With my long-awaited senior season as a tennis player for the University of Georgia starting this past weekend, I want to share a bit about what it all means to me today.


When people say, “time flies”…they aren’t kidding at all. The past three years have been a dream come true, but they have truly “flown by.” As a student-athlete at UGA, I have not only been able to attend one of the most prestigious public universities in the country, but I have also been able to play for one of the most storied Division I women’s tennis programs ever.

This past August came fast, school started up again, and it was hard for me to accept the fact that I was the senior on the team with it all ending in May (it seemed a bit further away at that point). Of course I was enjoying my time, but I was letting it all happen much too quickly. I had some very important advice given to me around November, and it is advice I will never forget. The advice was to live for myself, to live to grow and become the person I want to be, and to use this senior year to get to know myself even better and to leave confident with what I stand for and why. It allowed me to slow everything down and really enjoy my time left in my role as a student-athlete. You see, tennis has been my life for the past fifteen years. I have dedicated close to all of my time out of the classroom to becoming the best tennis player I could be. But I had been caught thinking too much about how my life would be so different come May. Until, with this help, I realized that much more important than that was being able to really enjoy the few months left of this journey and grow throughout that time.

We are now a day away from February, leaving me with about four months left of this walk in my life. But I am at peace with that! We had a very successful start to our season this past weekend with two home wins to book us a ticket to the National Indoor Championships in New Haven, Connecticut next week. I can truly say that I just enjoyed every second of both doubles and both singles matches I played this past weekend. No match felt too long or frustrating no matter what the circumstances were. I was just enjoying every moment of it, slowing it down, and taking it all in. When I look at the picture posted below from this past weekend, I see every part of me just enjoying competing, which is what I do best. This weekend was not only a successful start to our season with two wins, but it was a successful start to the growth I will experience throughout the season due to the challenges the game of tennis and the game of life present me.tennis


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