Where is the Love?


Politics have been a hot topic in the United States lately and the majority of Americans (and non-Americans for that matter) have expressed their feelings all over social media. Just when the political comments started to die post election, Donald Trump was inaugurated this past Friday, and the internet was flooded with even more hateful comments and remarks. Many use the internet and social media as a platform to share their feelings and thoughts- I am doing exactly that right now. However, I do not believe that all the hate is helping create any sort of unity in this country. Regardless of political stance, we should be promoting love, not hatred. We should accept that not everyone will ever agree on politics, and our preferred candidate will not always win. But when the election is over, that is not in our control anymore, so why are people continuing to complain about it? How is the hate and divisiveness going to help our country and our people unite? It will not. All it is doing is pulling us further apart.

I read an article last night that showed the demoralizing tweets sent out about Donald Trump’s son, Barron. One tweet was sent out by now suspended SNL writer Katie Rich saying, “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.”katie

Who can feel good about themselves after posting such hatred comments about an innocent boy who is just living with the hand that was dealt to him? Or as the article mentioned, how would those people who shared such nasty comments feel if that was said about their child, sister or brother? Barron Trump is a ten year old boy who is innocent and should not be publicly harassed. What is wrong with these people? Don’t they have anything better to do or anything more positive to talk about rather than bashing our President’s young and naive son? I urge each of you, whether you are Donald Trump’s biggest fan or the farthest thing from it, to look for positive news to share each day. If you cannot seem to share positive news about him, then stay away from sharing the news at all.

It makes me sad to see all of the hate and negativity surrounding our new President. Regardless of what he has said or done in the past, the American people chose him to lead our country. He may be flawed, but news flash: we all have flaws. He wants what is best for the United States of America, and we need to be supportive. We may not agree with his political views or his plans for our country, but the least we can do is hope for his and our success. Give him a chance to lead and to change our country for the better! May we look to love and unity instead of hatred and division throughout such a time where Americans have become engulfed in a negative world on social media. My wish is for all of us to look to spread positivity and hope we can change the stigma that all news is bad news. Let us make social media a platform for sharing our love and the most positive news we have!



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