Create Meaningful Relationships

Our team arrived at the Dan Magill Tennis Center for 9:30am practice this past Saturday morning. Shortly after, our head coach announced that we would watch a fifteen-minute video together before practice began. Little did I know that this video would have such an immediate impact on my outlook on technology and social media in today’s world. The video highlights British/American motivational speaker and marketing consultant Simon Sinek speaking on “Millenials in the Workplace.” I HIGHLY suggest taking fifteen minutes of your time to watch this video:

Throughout the video, my eyes were quickly opened to how much of an addiction technology and social media are to our generation, the millennials. Many kids are not learning how to form meaningful relationships. When stress comes about in these kids’ lives, they don’t turn to people, they turn to their cellphones or to social media, which only provide temporary relief. Simon Sinek’s point was that there’s nothing wrong with social media except the IMBALANCE of it. Too much of anything…alcohol, gambling, technology is not good. It is an addiction. The minute we get consumed with this addiction, we forget to focus on the important things in life such as our relationships with our family, friends, teammates, etc. Social media and technology infiltrate our lives and there are certainly many benefits to the advancements that have been made, but we must be careful to keep a healthy balance.

After watching the video together, we sat down as a team and talked about the effects of social media and the addiction that most of us all have. We see it in everyday life–we get in an elevator with people we don’t know and immediately look down at our phone to avoid awkward eye contact or conversation. Here is a perfect example of missing out on forming a connection or a relationship with another human being because of turning to technology and social media as an escape. As we brought up examples, I mentioned that we are a close team, only 9 girls, and we all know each other very well. However, by sitting on our phones in the locker room during the ten minutes before practice starts, we are missing out on the opportunity to talk to one another and deepen our relationships. We may think we know everything about each other, but there is always more to learn. If we are consumed in social media on our phones, we may miss the most obvious warning signs that friends or teammates need us to be there for them.

Although this social media marketing example may be highlighting some of the problems with social media today, it is important to realize its extreme effects. My hope is that we are able to use social media in good balance and that we keep forming meaningful relationships with one another. As an effort to make small improvements, I chose to deactivate my most frequented form of social media, Snapchat, for the time being. My advice to you all is to take the time to turn your phone off, leave it at home, look UP and create new and meaningful relationships.


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